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나카가미차야 단체 손님들께

Food Menu

For Foreign Tourists

Group Tourists Menu

Group Tourists Menu


※「Umegaemochi」 +130Yen


It is a set meal including seasonal fried foods and simmered dishes, prepared dish using Dazaifu plums.

※「Umegaemochi」 +130Yen

nakagamichaya Saifu Udon zen

Sanke Nabe zen

※Include 「Umegaemochi」

It is a special cooked dish of Hakata. It is a set meal considering health using fresh dishes for deep soup.

nakagamichaya Baishuzen(Take)

Saifu Udon zen

※Include 「Umegaemochi」

I recreated the udon familiar to the worshipers of Tenman at the beginning of the Meiji Period.
Please enjoy with our original plum flavor soup stock.

nakagamichaya Sanke Nabe zen
nakagamichaya Baishuzen(Ume)
Group Students Menu

Group Students Menu

nakagamichaya Goukaku(Pass) Set Meal

Goukaku(Pass) Set Meal

It is a classic menu of the school trip group.

※「Umegaemochi」 +130Yen

Goukaku(Pass) Set Meal(BEST)

It is a little luxurious menu of school trip group.

※「Umegaemochi」 +130Yen

nakagamichaya Goukaku(Pass) Set Meal(BEST)

※We will offer according to your budget.
※Allergies and other consultations are also accepted.
※Depending on the season, contents may differ slightly.

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