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나카가미차야 단체 손님들께

Food Menu

For Foreign Tourists

Group Tourists Menu

Group Tourists Menu


※「Umegaemochi」 +150Yen


It is a set meal including seasonal fried foods and simmered dishes, prepared dish using Dazaifu plums.

※「Umegaemochi」 +150Yen

nakagamichaya Baishuzen(Take)
nakagamichaya Saifu Udon zen

Sanke Nabe zen

It is a special cooked dish of Hakata. It is a set meal considering health using fresh dishes for deep soup.

※「Umegaemochi」 +150Yen

Saifu Udon zen

I recreated the udon familiar to the worshipers of Tenman at the beginning of the Meiji Period.
Please enjoy with our original plum flavor soup stock.

※「Umegaemochi」 +150Yen

nakagamichaya Sanke Nabe zen
nakagamichaya Baishuzen(Ume)
Group Students Menu

Group Students Menu

nakagamichaya Goukaku(Pass) Set Meal

Goukaku(Pass) Set Meal

It is a classic menu of the school trip group.

※「Umegaemochi」 +150Yen

Goukaku(Pass) Set Meal(BEST)

It is a little luxurious menu of school trip group.

※「Umegaemochi」 +150Yen

nakagamichaya Goukaku(Pass) Set Meal(BEST)

※We will offer according to your budget.
※Allergies and other consultations are also accepted.
※Depending on the season, contents may differ slightly.

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